All About Natural Stone For Tiles

Natural stone is a product that is hardwearing and suited to a number of applications in the home. Natural stone has an earthy appeal that other products don’t always reflect. Because it’s hardwearing it’s the art of living choice for flooring and can be used in areas such as a kitchen, bathroom, office or similar area. It’s also suitable for patio areas and can look stunning on pathways and around swimming pools.

When used in most place a finish is required to make it waterproof. This sealing of the stone helps prevent the stains that can occur when water products are dropped on a floor. This same sealing is necessary for a lasting effect around swimming pools and any other area that experiences wet conditions or where staining may occur. By using a sealed product, it maintains the natural beauty of the stone.

Stones that are natural are quite hard and can stand up well to scratching and other types of abrasion. These types of natural products can add value to a home. The stone adds appeal when installed in the correct way and especially if the colour matches the surrounding space.

There are a number of especially beautiful stone materials to choose from and they all have their outstanding features. Marble is a stone used for many applications, it comes in a variety of different colours and is laced with the beautiful texture of the marble pattern throughout the stone. Granite is another beautiful stone and like marble, comes in a variety of earthy colours with a delicate pattern running through the stone. There are also other types of stone such as slate, sandstone, and travertine, and these like the others have their uses.

Natural stone is also suitable for areas other than flooring. It can be used on walls, backsplashes and countertops as well.

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