Best Tips For DIY Tiling

When tiling yourself it’s important to get the tile right the first time to ensure that professional and attractive finish. When it comes to laying floor tiles there’s so many different things that you need to consider in order to make your tiling a success. Here’s some tips to laying floor tiles that you can consider for your next tile renovation.

  1. Get The Drain Right – When preparing and setting the drain it’s important than just placing it anywhere. The drain needs to be in the middle and have a slightly sloped floor going from the outside to the inside in order for the water to run into the drain. Plan your drain area out before the plumber arrives as this will help them to position the pipes in the right area.
  2. Use A Sealant – When you’ve finished tiling and the grout is dry it’s a good idea to use a sealant to help secure the grout in place. The sealant can also safeguard against any leaks and is able to help with the cleaning of the grout.
  3. Pebbled Floors – When using a pebbled floor finish for your shower floor it’s important that the pitch be a little steeper as pebbles tend to take longer to drain. Using epoxy grout is also advisable to help dry out the floor quicker between the next shower.


When it comes to buying tiles at the tile shop London it’s always good to go home with some additional tiling advice. So have you found these tips to be useful?

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